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Connect with your community

By connecting with your neighbours and wider community you can improve your resilience to disasters, as well as the resilience of your community.

Community-driven emergency management

WREMO is dedicated to helping communities improving their resilience. This means the communities are ready and capable to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency.  

Some of the tools to help communities improving their resilience:

  • Prepared neighbours - a tool for connecting with your neighbours and building neighbourhood preparedness.
  • Training - help your community both prepare for a disaster and respond to an emergency. 
  • Volunteers - volunteers work with their community to promote preparedness and increased resilience.
  • Community response plans - what communities in the Wellington region will do in response to an emergency
  • Community Emergency Hubs - known gathering points for the community after a significant emergency
  • Schools - school's emergency planing and emergency plans