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It's easy to get your household prepared for an emergency

Get everyone in your household together to work through the 12 easy steps to ensure your household is prepared for an emergency.

As you complete each step, record all the important information on the checklist (pdf 1.15 MB).

Keep the completed checklist in a place that’s easy to get to, and make sure everyone in your household knows what the plan is and where it’s kept.

Connected and prepared communities

Many of the impacts of an emergency are similar to disruptions in everyday life – power cuts, water outages, road closures, but they are likely to be more widespread and last longer.

In an emergency, public utilities and emergency services will initially be focused on saving lives and restoring infrastructure and essential services. The preparations you make now for these types of disruptions are essential for coping safely and comfortably following an emergency.

You and your community could be isolated for at least three days, possibly more. The most immediate source of aid will be your community and the actions you took to prepare before an event.

Household emergency checklist

Record the important information on the household emergency checklist (pdf 1.15 MB).