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It's easy to get your neighbourhood prepared

Do you know your neighbours? Great neighbourhoods are made up of neighbours who know each other. They are friendlier, safer and nicer places to live. Neighbours are a source of support if someone is sick, they can take care of each other’s children or look after each other’s homes when someone is on vacation. Together you can make things happen that you couldn’t on your own.

When neighbours know each other they are more likely to look after one another. This is especially important during and after a disaster, like a storm or a large earthquake. 

It’s Easy: Prepared Neighbours is a step-by-step guide to help you connect with your neighbours so that you can work together better in your everyday lives and in times of stress.

Let us know who's involved in your street plan

Enter the street address of houses involved in your Prepared Neighbours planning group. For example, "Houses 14 - 24 Market St, Jacksonville"